Geology and ceramics have an innate connection, as almost all materials used in the production of clay, glazes, etc. come directly from natural earth materials. In college I was fortunate to be able to study both geology and ceramics closely, and I am extremely interested in discovering more about the innumerable ways that geology and pottery intersect.


One notable thing that I learned during my unique time in college studying both geology and ceramics, is how much science and geology there is to learn regarding ceramics and how much art and design is applicable to geology and good communication of scientific concepts and findings.


These two passions of mine, ceramics and geology, feed into each other so incredibly well. It feels not only right, but also important to my being to immerse myself in both areas, as one leads to the other. 

Please enjoy these photographs that I took during my field research in the stunning mountains of nothern Oman, for my geology thesis entitled "Structural Analysis of the Metamorphic Sole in the Samail Ophiolite, Hawasina Window, Oman".